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Collection de 

Canadian institute for IHistorlcal IMicroreproductions / institut Canadian da microreproductions historiques 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes techniques et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original 
copy available for filming. Features of this copy which 
may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of 
the images in the reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual method of filming are 
checked below. 


Coloured covers / 
Couverture de couleur 

I I Covers damaged / 

Couverture endommagte 

□ Covers restored and/or laminated / 
Couverture restaur^ et/ou pellicula 

I Cover title missing / Le titre de couverture manque 

I Coloured maps / Cartes gdographiques en couleur 

□ Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black) / 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

□ Coloured plates and/or illustrations / 
Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material / 
Reli6 avec d'autres documents 

Only edition available / 
Seule Edition disponible 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion along 
interior margin / La reliure serr^e peut causer de 
I'ombre ou de la distorsion le long de la marge 

Blank leaves added during restorations may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible, these have been 
omitted from filming / II se peut que certaines pages 
blanches ajout^es lors d'une restauration 
apparaissent dans le texte, mais, lorsque cela 6tait 
possible, ces pages n'ont pas 6\6 film^es. 

Additional comments / 
Commentaires suppl^mentaires: 



L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire qu'il lui a 
6X6 possible de se procurer. Les details de cet exem- 
plaire qui sont peut-dtre uniques du point de vue bibli- 
ographique, qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite, 
ou qui peuvent exiger une modification dans la m^tho- 
de normale de filmage sont indiquds ci-dessous. 

I I Coloured pages / Pages de couleur 

I I Pages damaged / Pages endommagdes 


Pages restored and/or laminated / 
Pages restaur^s et/ou pellicul^es 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed / 
Pages d^colortes, tachet^es ou piqudes 

Pages detached / Pages d^tach^es 

[ y\ Showthrough / Transparence 

I I Quality of print varies / 



Quality indgale de I'impression 

Includes supplementary material / 
Comprend du materiel suppl^mentaire 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata slips, 
tissues, etc., have been refilmed to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages totalement ou 
partiellement obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une 
pelure, etc., ont 6\6 film^s ^ nouveau de fagon k 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

Opposing pages with varying colouration or 
discolourations are filmed twice to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages s'opposant ayant des 
colorations variables ou des decolorations sont 
film^es deux fois afin d'obtenir la meilleure image 


rhia item is filmsd at tha reduction ratio cheelced below / 

Ce document eat film* au taux de rMuctlon indiqu* cl-deaaoua. 

lOx 14x 18x 











Tht copy filmtd h«r« has bten reproduced thanks 
to tha generosity of: 

Agriculturt Canada 

The images appearing hero are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion. and ending on the last page with a printed 
or illustrated impression. 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol -^> (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol V (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 





L'txemplair* filmi fut reproduit grAc« A la 
gAnArotitt d«: 

Agriculturt Can«d« 

Las Imagas suivantas ont ixA reproduitas avac la 
plus grand soin, compta tanu da la condition at 
da la nattat* da I'axamplaira fiim«, at an 
conformity avac las conditions du contrat da 

Las axamplaires originaux dont la couvartura an 
papiar ast imprimia sont film<s an comman9ant 
par la pramiar plat at an tarminant soit par la 
darniira paga qui comports una amprainta 
d'imprassion ou d'illustration. soit par la sacond 
plat, salon la cas. Toua las autras axamplaires 
originaux sont filmte an comman9ant par la 
pramiAra paga qui comporta una amprainta 
d'imprassion ou d'illustration et an tarminant par 
la darniAra paga qui comporta una talla 

Un das symbolas suivants apparaltra sur la 
darniira imaga da chaqua microficha. salon la 
cas: la symbols -^- signifis "A SUIVRE". la 
symbols ▼ signifia "FIN". 

Las cartas, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent ttre 
film<s i des taux de reduction diffirents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour Atre 
reproduit en un seul clichi, il est film* A partir 
de I'angle sup<rieur gauche, de gauche k droite, 
et de haut en bas, en prenant le nombre 
d'images nicessaire. Las diagrammas suivants 
illustrant la mithode. 








u „ 


■ 2.2 



^ 1653 East Mom Street 

iS Roches'*'. New York 14609 USA 

<716) '.82 - 0300 - Phone 

(716) 288 - 5989 -Vox 





J. H. 0RI80ALE. B.Agr., D.«.A.. 


E. 8. ARCHIBALD. B.A.. B.8.A., 

Dominion Animal Husbandman. 



Dominion Animal IliishmiiJwiin. 

Tlu. is a f.HKJstuff us .v,.t„wM in C,,,,.,!. .,,.1 the Cui,,,! st..t..,. hu, whH. 

.. UM...i iMonsivoly „n,l most sntisf„-t.,rii.v in S...,tl;,n,l Knul,.n,J Fr«M,. . V 

<i-nn:,n>. a.,., otl... I.;,n-.,.,...n ..„nntri.>. rn.l,„..,t.,ll. ,1 r ' V.'.S i ^"3 

an.l Mvinc fonsuminK fish wast.- in .Muintri.... wh.-rr fishiiii. U ,.„.'. '7'^'"" ."* .^""U- 

tries tirs. attra...... a.ri..ult„ral invsti^atinn .:. t i, J'-^ n v rit'w'' f "'i 

that sh..op. swin.. an,l fV.l o„ raw tish an.l fi.h wa-t. rodu I ,. ,, n"'' 

-..lour and strong flavour unless tl„. fish was hoil.l or ,oko, h t "t." '7 

oat.on of thi, knowlnlK.. to tl,. .^rowin.. fi-h,,rv t^ ^t^^^^M^T;, tt':",,?"'''" 

Fish in.'al should not be .-oiifound.Kl with ••fish sera].-. '• ^uano " or " .M.n,„,... - 
..r other f.,ru.s of fish hy-produets „.„! as fertilisers. The fish n>eal us.hI a .. Ud- 

h.h offal. Uhen raneul fi-h are used the resultin^^ uu-als eontain too nneh o w , , 
n. U,. raneul state, eauses d.jfestive troul.les as well a- otV-Havoun-d n.ea nilk „ J 
o,^RS. The od e.xtraet,on ,s not only a profitable pro....s, but n.ueh i,„ . i . 
value ofthe n.eal. Any fresh, untainted fish oV fi.h wastes will n.ake „ fai „e.d the 
^alue dependn,.^ on the r.ehness of the Hesh and the parts of ,he fish use.I. Altl .'Z 
usuaHy nnule frou. herr.n,-. eo.l, dogfish or other .alt water fish, yet when tl Mv 

■ s suftcjent. tresh water fish are usc^. The enorn.ous «up„ly of dogfish ..n the At 3 ie 
,y,mt, the ^^rent salmon industries on the Paeifio eoast and the sardine or other fi"i, 
.n,lustru-s wherever they exist offer t-reat opportunities for the manufaeturinK of fish 
meal. '" 

I'ish meal varies in eomposition. dependin}; on its sonree The rw-lw f ... i • 
u.ade from whole fish while the poorest n.eal is made fron, sud'. wlst'es '' ^a tiN 
and fins. One .^ood brand of fish meal made from fresh whiffish showed an naly s 

^J *^^ •;■• •■"'' P'-"*''"'- "'1 3 P^-r cent and 19-8 per eent phosphate of lime It will 

b.. seen that the prote.n .-ontent of this meal w.s nearly twice as ^reat a. -that o 
average ..ottonseed n.eal or liusernl oil n.eal as ccmn.only fou..d ,m th.. r-,, dian 
umrlvet. ■■■muiuii 

The feediuK vah>e of fish me,d .lep,.nds on its very hi^rh ..ontent of dip^tible nro- 
te.n whud. renders it most suitable ^or eombiju.tion with foods such as roots potatoes 
ha.v, straw and the .starchy cereal .; ins an.l their by-produ.-ts such as corn.'.'orn bran' 
harh-y. ct.-., all of winch contain ; jw pmeentaKe of protein 

Kxperience has shown that so lonp as the quantities fed were not too large, fish 
meal has proven a valuable food for horses, cattle, sheep, swine and poultry From 
many feeding trials the quantitit^ per day which may be fed with a starchy ration 
nave been suggested : — j . .. 

Cattle— 2 pounds per 1,000 pounds live weight. 
SwiiK! — i to i pound per animal. 
3hee[— Mo to \i pound per 100 pounds live weight. 

IIiiwt'V€>r, it iiiimt W rfiiifinlMTiHl tlmt, us in the i'um' (if oiIht rich nu'niif, lln' 
iiniiiiaU nnii<t l»' hroiitrht \i|> to thoc ration!< uriiduiilly. It kIioiiM nl)>i be rnncniborpil 
thut tin* iiiMiiiirf from iitilinai' U'll on thi'< iiii':il hii.^ n vrry liitrli viiliii- in view of the 
lurK<' iinioiint of nitrotfi-n iin<l plioi(|iliiitps in tliii< foml. 

FISH MKAl, >()|{ SWINF. 

'riiif nii«ul niii.v Ix' fi'<l nt thi' riit<' of 1 to \ |iotiiiii pnr pin |mt tiny. It Hliamlii (»• 
iiitroiliicfil into the ration vi-ry Kriiiliiuliy. It i^i licst u.<<>il with yonni; and fattening 
\>i(f*, but it KtiinuhitcH thi> iiM)<>titi> of pins of nil iitr<>s. Boing rich in phosphatos it 
xtiinuluttii the itrnwth rif bono in younu stock. 

FiNlSHlNti HOdS. 

At the <'cntriil KxiH'rinicntui Kami. <)Ma«a. Ont.. nit cxiMriinont to illnstriUc the 
value of fish meal for tinishinj; swiiir was madi- in lltl.'i. Although, uwinir to the 
fact thut it took some time to aeetistoni fh" pi(f* to thi-s fpcil, very slow (tains were 
made at first, yet the trains were, on the whole, most satisfactory. 

Lot <l fed a meal mixture of shorts 400 pounds, barley 400 pounds, fiah ineni 
((Srinjsby brand) S5 pounils required i»7 pounds of the meal mixture and 5'>4 pounds 
xkim-niilk for 10<> pounds jrain. 

Lot 1 fed a mixture of shorts 400 pounds, barley 400 pounds, corn 200 pounds 
re(|uir«<l '2'M pounds meal mixture and 467 pounds milk for 100 pounds Kain. 

Lot -2 fed the some mixture as Lot 1, but with gluten feed in place of corn, 
require<I •-'-'» pounds meal and 439 pounds milk per 100 pounds gain. ' 

The above trial was brief and definite conclusions can scarcely be drawn there- 
from. However, ulthouKh the fish meal did not dive quite as good returns as gluten 
food or ground corn, yet the pigs made excellent and cheap gains thereon. With corn 
and glut<>n fewl at pri>sent prices, fish meal would thus be worth over $48 per ton. 
Finally, it was not expected that fish meal would show as advantageously in this ration 
as one eontuining more meals and grains of a higher starch content. 

F. S. Ashbrook, U. .S. Department of Agriculture, reports on finishing hogs. .\n 
addition of 1 part tankage or fish meal to 9 parts corn showtnl the tankage lot 
requiring 46i pounds grain and the lot only 390 pounds grain per 100 pounds p , 

Keenon reports in 1910 that fish meal sharjjer.s the appetite and produces 
same grains as a high grade meat meal. 

The Seale-IIayne Agricultural College report trial.s showing fish meal a r 
addition to a prrain ration composed largely of corn as being responsible for extra it,.. 
of I to ;-, pound per pig per day. 


Another experiment at the Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa, was conducted 
with yo inger shoats and using a "hog meal" containing 6."> per cent fish meal, a- 
prepared by the Conservation (,'ommission, Ottawa. 

Lot 1 fed a meal mixture composed of shorts 400 pounds, corn 400 poumls. "hn-t 
meal " 100 pounds required 270 pounds meal and 310 poun<U skim-milk per 100 pouml- 


Lot 2 fed the same meal mixture without milk required only 290 pounds meal per 
100 pounds gain. This lot made greatest gains of all lots. 

Lot d f ed a meal mixture composed of shorts 200 pounds, corn 200 pounds, dried 
distillers' grains 100 pounds required 100 pounds meal and 330 pounds milk I'cr 100 
pounds gain. This lot made the slowest gains, and at the completion of the trial the 
the pigs were poorest grown n- I in the poorest condition to start the finishing period. 

Ill til 

ii* Iriiil aitaiii ti>li rncnl ii'> 

fliciip mill i-i'iiiiiiiMJcil proijiii'ti 

liiirii ill tlic <[ic:'i;il •• 1,1 



wii« riio.t |>niii<>iirir..<l. All pi^'- kii K-I 
thi' h«'4f i-i)iii|itiiiii. 

'.""• ' •''■ '•'"•'•ll.'l f tllf ri-li IIii'mI ;.- :. milk -lllistifilt.' 


ill' til 

• • «riNifr.t itiiih. mill werr ii 


K<»l{ WKAMNti I'KiS. 

t».«.^n"'"r""'" '■"i"" "" "•"""■•'■"""" ""^ '■">.<luc-f.>.J with .voiiiitf p!^. „,Mi,..,l i„ .hmo. 
wtioi, ooM.piw,! ,.f ..,i,.il part, lorii. .hoN. m,.i „.,, ,,,1- u.^1 in .,11 lut* 

520 pouiiii. milk prr IIMI , u,U ««!,.. This l.,t iii,„l,. ^.r.^t.-t 

w„l „.*i'-«n -"""!■"••' .f;"'" "'"' 1" I'-' -"•'» <."'kn..|. mul milk rM,i.ip...l ir.O p.>i,„,l- 
meal ami i.«0 poiimU milk ii.-r KH) poiimls ,/«ii, 

Lot .•{ M the fimi. ... Lot -J. hut with th.. •• 1,,,^ „i.„l " ,,..iii,. tmikum. ilmI. 
almost ...x.,..t ly the ..imn ^,ii„. ami on tl .p.mititi... of hotli „,...l ..nd niilk 

In this rii.l. the n.l.lition of oith-r ti-h ni.>,il or tmiki.K,. to „ wrll l„.lm, I ,,r',i„ 

ration fed with milk .how.-d no im-reaso in k for ....nsnm., '/:. 

the present scomt.v and hi^ h pri.-s of out., shorts ,„,.! ,.,., >kin...i.ilk. tisl. m ,. 
available, niight well be used ns a partial suli,titiite. 

hnJ'f: t'^KTr ^''f; ^*"""""r"' "^ A""-"-"""'-, report- on trials with gro»in« 
hogs As an addition of 1 ,.urt tanknKo or fish meal to ., ration of eorn. 4 parts and 

meal lot .V... pounds t-rain per 1(M> pounds ^ain. Thi. trial a.^.in showed fish meal 
and tankiipre ot ahoiil oqiiul value. 

Kh'iii also reports H,h meal an exiellent substitute fur milk 

rhc above figures show that a high «raile ti>h meal may be eeulio.i.ieallv ...ed in 
balanci„« rations fur all u«es of feeding, ho^s. It will ^ive about the same re-ults a" 
ta.ikaRo for growing piffs, and niak.s an etpially i^ood .-uhMifute for skim-milk It is 
fully eqiia to tankage for finishii.^f b.,>:s and do.-s not impart any fi«bv o,I„ur or flavour 
to either the fresh pork or lar.1. 


This feed may be given to beef or dairy eattle up to - pounds .lailv per \.(m 

pounds live weight, but the animals must be aeeiistomcHl to it verv gradually Miiiv 

-Kuro| and Ameri.-aii investigators report its value in milk prodiietiun. showiim- it« 

superiority over an cc|U»l weight of eottons.^Hl and liiisi-.^ oil meal in milk i.mdM I 

and that no llavours were imparU>d to the milk or fat 

At the Kxperimental Farm. Ottawa. Ont., in 1!>16. an experiment «a, .o.iduet.-d 
eomparnig fash meal with other eonee.itrutes in the produ.fion of milk. In this trial 
Orimsby brand hsh meal was used, and after the first f.-w feeds it wa^ eaten with 
incre^isiiig relish and the appetite of the animals increased penvptibly 

For this work the basis of the meal mixture thro,M.'i,o„t the experim.nt was a 

m..xturo ot wheat bran 4(K) pounds, gluten f | ,.,.1. p,,.,,,.!-. ;:r.aii„| oats :;,;;► ,H.,ini|s 

The additions to this basie meal ration during the variius poriod. were- 1 fi.h meil' 
10 per cent addition ; 2, gluten fei.l 24 ,H>r oent a.lditi.,,.. :!. i.„tt..nseed meal 1.1 .n-r -ent' 
addition. 4. lins.>ed oil meal •'! jxt e<.|.t addition, and ,-.. ,«.aiiut oil meal 1.1 ,vr ivnt 
aodition. ' 

i The results of this trial, in brief, are as follow:— 

I Compared with gluten feed (20 per eei.t protein). fi,h meal required M n„„,„l. 
meal mixturo ess per Idft pounds milk produe.Hl and .TO pounds meal mixture le.. 
per inn pounds fat pro.hieed. The eows increased in produ.'tion on fish me-,1 and 
dropped very perceptibly when again ,,laeed on pliiten. A verv notieeable feature 

-was the gr..atly stimulated appetites and the iucreiued weight, of all eowd when on 

• >n M Itti.i. of milk |ir<H|iii'iic 


Ml in tlii>r triiiU till- fiillowiiiK mi'til «|iiivii|iiiti' urt- 

'• '"• ' '"'" "••' ""•"' I'l"- ••• l"'»"'l- l>Mii pill* i'-.' (H.iiii.h onl. ,nm\ 

|H>I1II.|. (fllltl'll. 

- '"•' J '"' •f..ii.,..M| iiK-iil pill, .-o I...IIM.U hniii |>lii< M (HMiiiil. 


.'!.'> piiiitiiU uliitt'i 

lilitt <H|UhI 

:i. I- 

|HHiii(|4 lii...H-l meal pliiH .•! iH.iiiiiU I. mil plii. •_' | |, ,„,», ,,,„„) gi; 

pnlliiiU irlllti'ii 

'• •♦' _|i"i""l' I mr oil i,i,.,il pin- .M iM.iiii.U ,„ , ,,1,1, :»:, ,,oi,,„|. o,ii. .hiuuI 

:.'l*> piiiiiiij' itliiti 11 
A- nil fXiinipIc of i-ii*li vnl 

III'. «iviiiir II viiliii' p.r ion ..I ;|ir,ii for irliii.-n. *7() for 

il« iiiMJ #:!.• for whi'iit briiii. then llii- hraiiij of iMi i | | 

for milk production iilnnr wlu-ii fc.l in tii 

lil> 11 Villlll' 

.t' ♦>!• 

Oiirinji thi. triiil tl 

I* proportion. 

fwr toll 

!<■ iiuv. miiii<> II iiio.t iinfl, riilil,. uiuu ill uriirln on ti,|, mcnl. 

hiinii'I.v, :tT poiiiiiN jut in 1 » .lny,. ami ,,1 i| 
a nornial milk tlow. .IihIkIiiii fnini tli 
-iiitiMl to the fci'iiinif of h.'ff animaU 

If "aiiH' tiiiK- iiioro ilia 

ii u I I'raiiil of ri-li nil 

n niaintaiiiintr 

holllil \,r I'Xi'l 

Anotln-r trial with tiwli meal was inaiii' m IIMT with a • Vi*h <attl.- Kitiil ' 

»ii|>pli.-cl hy thr <' Coinmi-'sion of Con-rrvatioii. TliU f.-oil , oiitaiii.>.J n 

■•int iish iin>al. Dwinir t 

ri'fu.«i'(l this I'fcil wl 

iir to soiiD' vi ry iiiicxplaiiiabli' niiality tin- 

I'ow* p«>r«is 

u'li tfivi'ii MS a .". por rent aihlition to the roirular ration, h.'iice 


ilotiiiitc results a- to its fo.Hl v.ilue were obtaineii. 

(Jcnernlly ipeakinit, n (rood hraml of ti«|| meal, win 
a most proHtahle feeil in milk 


■n jiiijieioii-ly fiil. i, not onlv 

lias no detrimental itFect on the flav 

r meat proijuetion, hiif is also „ splendid appet 

('ai.odittii liistory when this prodiiet should \m 
und iitili/od to U'st advanttiui' 

nir of the meat or milk. Tl 

lis IS 

^■<■llerally appicemti 


izi'r und 
fiine in 



The waste of ti-h and tisli scrap in Canada is eiion i.. TTere !• a -upply of 

'heap fi'ol as yet hut little aplireeiafed or developed, 

Cnncentrated meals nr.' scarce and often not avaiiiilijc. Fish nieil, where avail- 
able, is a suitable eonceiitrate for cattle, and especially for hi 

Fish meal is very rich, eoiitainiiif .V. per .-ent to fid per cent ,,f protein and over 
1."> tier cent phosphate of lime. 

If of frooil .jiiality and pnipcly fed with other meal- and with roiit:hau<-. it is 
fairly iialatahle. whoh some, and a (lood feed for yoiiiii.'. t'rowin;.' stock and also for 
milk production, having no injurious etfiM-ts on the at or milk. 

The ^freafer demand for this valuable f,...,! would areatly stimiihite it- njaiiiif 


When Kiveii a fair trial and used in proper proportions it should one of 
the most popular ,iiid profitable protein supph-nieiits for swine feeding.